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Put the back of your phone to work

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As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank

Over $1 million raised

"It's an evolution, not merely refinement."

"...features a larger screen, notifications, and a built-in battery to charge your iPhone."

"popSLATE is certainly packing a ton of new features into its new case..."

"popSLATE 2 is E-Ink for your iPhone done right."

Like a smartwatch
but with a 5" screen

An e-reader without
the extra device

Integrated battery case
to charge your phone

Features to keep you informed, without the unlocks

A wide range of apps puts the backside of your phone to work for you


Keep up-to-date on your essentials with customized dashboards, all in the blink of an eye.


Stay informed with a 24/7 feed of sports scores, stocks & breaking news from your favorite sources.


Keep your boarding passes, tickets, loyalty cards and more right there, ready to scan.


Rapidly create a to-do list or grocery list, then check it off, right on the back of your phone.


Choose from hundreds of massive timepieces from top clock face designers. Why settle for a tiny, 1″ watch face?


Customize your phone on the fly with any image you like, straight from your camera, photo library, and more.

Living Canvas

Watch a visual story unfold throughout the day, from sketches that slowly evolve to pictures that morph in intriguing ways.


Read books, periodicals, and other digital content, whenever and wherever you like, without carrying a second device.

Design with a Purpose

Obsessed with design, we have packed tons of functionality into a sleek, lightweight device that complements and protects your iPhone.

Battery Pack for your Phone

Charge your phone on the fly for up to 9 hours extra talk time. What’s more, save power by offloading activities to the second screen–fewer unlocks, more juice.

Single Point Smart Charge

Charge your popSLATE and your iPhone at the same time, using the Lightning cable you already own.

Super Thin

popSLATE 2 only adds
to the back of your iPhone

Technical Specifications

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popSLATE 2 for 6+/6S+

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popSLATE 2 for 6/6S

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