Everything you need, at a glance

"Having information immediately on hand has been a huge time-saver"

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"a super cool idea that actually works, is pretty damn easy, and unique in the market"

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"It's, dare we say, fun"

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Stay informed, without the unlocks

Get sports scores, news headlines, stock quotes and more, all at a glance–delivered from your favorite sources, straight to your always-on screen

Always right there, when you need it

No more digging around in your pocket or phone – have your boarding passes, lists, calendar, tickets, loyalty cards available at-a-glance

Instantly customize, on the fly

Make a statement with your favorite pictures, drawings, designs, quotes, and more--popped from your camera, Instagram, gallery and the popSLATE community

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for iPhone 6 & 6S



for iPhone 6 & 6S

$129Sold out

Limited Edition

for iPhone 6 & 6S

$149Sold out

Compatible with iPhone 6 & 6S

Apple MFI certified

4″ shatter-proof e-Paper screen

High-impact material, edge-to-edge protection

Bluetooth™ dual mode connectivity

Slideshow mode button

240 mAh battery gives approx. 7 days of battery life

Micro USB charging port & cable

Over-the-air firmware upgrades

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